Looking for some tasting notes on a bog-standard lager? Maybe a review of an insipid ale?

Well, you’ve come to the wrong place.

I meet too many people content to drink the same beer, day-in, day-out. There’s an entire world of beer out there to discover and drink. And this blog here is dedicated to the plethora of weird and wonderful beers out there.

Around The World In 800 Beers will bring to you reviews of the unique brews I happen upon, details of the best craft beer bars to visit, stories of beer experiences and brewery visits, and all manner of other beer-related posts.

With Melbourne – and Australia in general – continuing to build its beer culture, there are craft breweries and beer bars opening up every week. It’s a grand time to be alive!

For any beer suggestions, questions, queries, ideas for beer stories, bars and breweries to visit, or any general feedback – either leave a comment in one of my posts or email me directly at laffy.samuel@gmail.com.

You can also find more at my Facebook page and on Instagram!

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