When you set out on a mission from God to drink beers and lay down righteous judgement on their candy asses, sometimes you’re faced with a terrible conundrum: Do I really want to submit my taste receptacles to this beer?

Some short background information: I tend to stick to outrageously hop-driven beers. In fact, like many beer ‘snobs’ out there, if my tongue has any feeling left in it after downing a selected ale, I’ll probably say that it could maybe, y’know, on the off chance, have been dry-hopped, tri-hopped, or randalled through fresh hops to add just that tiny extra hoppy touch.

This of course leads me to the star of this particular segment: Matso’s Lychee Beer.

For those long-time readers of mine – thank-you Mum, Nan, and assorted friends I’ve spammed into compliance – you might remember Matso’s from their Mango Beer.

You would also have remembered the lines that went something like: “I’m normally quite reticent when it comes to buying fruit-based beers, because a lot of them can be overly sweet and taste like soft drink”.

But, when ‘preparing’ for this particular brew it also struck me that over the course of this glorious journey I’ve tried beers made with – among other things – raspberries, blueberries, apricots, cherries, apples, watermelons, sour plums, hibiscus flowers, tea leaves, and nettles.

So y’know, I’m down with fruits and vegetables in my brews. It’s called fusion cuisine bitches!

Matso’s Lychee Beer is the latest bottled offering to Australia from the Broome-based brewery – although it has been served on tap at their headquarters for several years now.

I have to admit, I love how Matso’s operate. The owners are dedicated to raising awareness of the history of Broome, promoting the Kimberley region, and enhancing the WA Tourism Industry. Not only that, but they seek to create beers that represent various parts of the region, incorporating their pearling and trading history into the names, styles, and artwork that adorns their bottles. I mean, who can argue with that? That’s pretty much the essence of craft brewing right there!

Mad respect.

Now, the Lychee Beer (as offered on the Matso’s website) is: “Intriguingly infused with the flavour of Asian lychee [and] able to fascinate the beer drinkers, as well as the fruit lovers”.

We’ll just see about that….

It pours with excitable carbonation out of the bottle, but this fades quickly – as does the thin, bubbly head that peeks out at the top of the glass.

On the nose – as expected – there are lychees and an overall sweet, slightly perfume aroma. As for the taste? Well, it begins and finishes sweetly with lychee and berry flavours kicking around. There’s a very slight wheat beer undertone to it all, no bitterness, and a slightly cloying musk stick aftertaste.

It’s…..about what I expected. Not really for me, but I’m sure for those who aren’t into hardcore palate-destroying beers it would slip down the hatch quite easily in Broome.

Before we finish, ProTip#3902: For the love of Anubis, chill the shiz out of this beer. The cloying element ramps up exponentially with every degree it warms.

Trust me.


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