Chocolate Bier

In Heidelberg (obviously in Germany, not the Melbourne suburb), there’s a specialist chocolate shop. It produces 75 different hot chocolate flavours – which you buy as blocks of chocolate on the end of a spoon. A kind waitress than brings you a mug of hot milk to melt the block in and away you go. It’s fairly clever – I think it could catch on…


Now, on a coach of 39 people, a bus driver and a tour manager, I was the only person not to buy one of these creations. Not because I am against hot drinks, rather because of their other menu option: Chocolate beer! And who am I to turn that down. As to whether that’s a sign of borderline alcoholic tendencies, or simply my dedication to writing about beer, I’ll let you decide.


At €4.99 it was typically European priced (i.e. EXPENSIVE) but shit, I flew halfway round the world for this trip, and I sure wasn’t going to be in Heideberg again anytime soon. To quote Contiki: #noregrets (more like #somebadlifedecisions #justafewbignightsout #liverfailure)

Now I can’t tell you what chocolate it was made with, how much chocolate it has in it, or other quasi-important technical details because there was no information on the bottle, and I’m tired, so I ain’t looking it up!

I can tell you what it was like though: A little bit odd. It’s not a porter or stout like you might expect, rather it has a more of an ale quality. It’s beer-y enough, but there’s no strong malt or hop flavour coming through to really shock or entice your tastebuds. There’s a smooth chocolate finish (thankfully it’s not overly sweet) and it is able to be quaffed rather quickly.

Probably not one of the finest beers I’ve ever had, but it definitely gains bonus marks for the unique-ness.


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