The Mad Bishop & Bear

Not a beer, rather the first pub I visited in London. Mind you, The Mad Bishop is a great name for a beer…..(Note to self: Check if said beer exists, then create it)

After two flights, 22 hours in the air, and 17 000 kilometres covered, I found myself at Paddington Station. As seems to be the case in London, there was naturally a pub at the station – The aforementioned Mad Bishop & Bear.

When your body is not quite sure of what time it is, or whether it should be awake or asleep there can only be one cure: Beer. In this rather stereotypically laid out and decorated Ye Olde English Pub (I think it gets rather a lot of tourist traffic) I mumbled out an order for three tasters.

All poured from Ye Olde Traditionale handpumps, three 1/3 pints were placed in front of me (I might add, at 4 pounds 20 for the three, not too shabby a deal). The fantastically named duo of the Diamond Geezer and Spring Sprinter, and Fullers ESB.


Now, when you hear criticisms of British beer a lot of it revolves around how its flat, warm, and completely different from just about any Australian brew you’re likely to encounter.

This is all true. The beer was startingly uncarbonated,  and about room temperature. But, I think for the ‘bitter’ style of beer, that’s how it should be. The trio were malty with a solid hit of spice to them, and went down quite easily.

Heck, considering my state of mind, they were brilliant. Nothing like a beer to stave off jet lag!

I have also discovered that Fosters is everywhere. And holy shit it is amazing to see Brits chug it with relish…..


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