Maui Coconut Porter

Porters, are versatile beers. Lighter than a stout, but still containing those roasted malt flavours, it’s a brew suited to experimentation. And, true to form brewers everywhere have tossed a bit of just about everything into porters.

From the more typical vanilla and chocolate porters – much in line with the vanilla and chocolate stouts available – there’s also the more obscure combinations.

For instance: The Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter. Or the Moondog Pumpkin Porter. On a sidenote, those of you who have read previous entries will be aware of my regard for the latter brewers. Please go buy their stuff and marvel at just how extreme you can make beer.

However, having never tasted this delightfully odd sounding flavour combination I can only go by what has been written by other people. There’s mixed reviews. If you’re into a bit of spice in your beer, they should be right up your alley. *I will endeavour to find and purchase a pumpkin porter in the near future for a first-hand experience*.

Moving along, you’ve got your Whiskey/Bourbon/Cognac barrel-aged brews. (Coincidentally, Four Peaks also do a “Whisky Wood Porter” – these guys seem like my kind of brewery….)

One version that I have partaken in though is the Maui Coconut Porter. I chanced upon this particular beverage at the Local Taphouse’s bottle-shop last New Year’s Eve.

Allegedly it contains six varieties of malted barley (Note: This is their claim. The day my palate is able to distinguish between six malted barley types in a beer is probably the day I stop enjoying beer so much).

Part of the appeal was the fact that the can contains a picture of a man swigging a beer out of a coconut.

I mean, c’mon. We’ve all drunk coconut water or a cocktail out of a coconut. But beer? I like their style…..

The can also has the slogan “Just like hot chicks on the beach” emblazoned on it. A slightly cryptic message, but one I choose to view as a positive nonetheless.

This porter was admittedly drunk when I was ever so slightly intoxicated. But, my recollections are as follows.

Smell: Chocolate malts and coconut – the shaved ‘real’ variety.

Taste: Remember those Bounty chocolate bars? It tastes a litle bit like that. But in a good way. And not as sweet. And with more coffee flavours.

I’m not entirely sure how many of them I could drink, but for an experimental brew it does the job proficiently.

Again on a different tangent, go out and buy not only this beer, but also the Holgate Temptress. You won’t regret it!


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