Breakfast Beer

Due to it being largely frowned upon in society, I’ve only had alcohol for breakfast a couple of times.

Once was a champagne breakfast before the races. As far as drinking at 9am goes, it’s pretty classy. Everyone’s frocked and suited up, there’s champagne, canapes, and it’s mostly a refined event.

On the other hand, there was on a week away down the beach after Year 12 had finished. Here I had a Cruiser MudShake on my CocoPops. As is fairly evident, any visage of class is quite violently stripped away. (Although, it’s not actually as terrible tasting as you would think…..)

Apart from that, I feel that in order to operate as a ‘real adult’ drinking upon waking probably is a no-no.

But, there are people out there who think differently. And these people brew breakfast beers.

More specifically, the Moa Breakfast Beer.

According to the website, the beer itself is:  “A wheat beer based lager with a subtle, sweet cherry aroma and taste.” So far, so….well, not normal actually. Wheat-based lagers aren’t exactly typical here in Australia. Neither are lagers with cherries. In fact, suggesting this combination to a punter at your local will get you at the very least, strange looks.

Regardless, the beer does come with serving suggestions. Appropriate food matches include: “Croissants and fresh summer berries or creme caramel with a fruit salad”. So far, so….well, wanky.

However, just because it’s got an oh-so-slight air of pretentiousness about it doesn’t mean it should be written off before being consumed.

Poured out of the bottle, it’s a bright yellow colour with a decent whack of fluffy head, and some serious carbonation. Smelling it you get floral and yeasty aromas and a hint of cherries.


Well. It’s……odd. It starts off tasting like it should, a wheaty lager. But then the cherries come in, there’s a certain dry-ness to it, and an almost bready taste. It’s light, in the sense that the flavour drops off, but it leaves a hint of cherry in the back of your throat.

At unexpected at it seems, it actually works as a beer that you could imagine drinking at breakfast. Which is brilliant. And slightly worrying at the same time…..


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