Yes. You did read that title correctly.

Now you might be wondering exactly what that lethal Mexican liquid has to do with beer. The answer is – somewhat surprisingly – the fault of the French. Normally when you mention French alcoholic beverages to people they start to romantically reminisce about champagne, burgundy, and bordeaux.

Nonetheless, the Frenchmen of Brasserie Fischer bravely took on the challenge of mixing Mexican fighting juice with good ol’ beer. The result is Desperados Tequila Beer. (I apologise in advance for the horrific soundtrack that accompanies that link…..)

I’ve never been much of a fan of tequila. Especially the cheap stuff. You don’t really drink it for the flavour, you drink it because it’s tequila, and goddamnit, if there’s one thing you do when you’re 18-21, it’s outrageous amounts of tequila slammers. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can even try a suicide slammer. *Note: Replace the word adventurous with ridiculously drunk*.

As a result I now tend to find the very smell of the stuff just a little bit off-putting. However, for the benefit of you I manned-up and purchased one of these baffling beers.

Before you continue reading, for those of you raised exclusively on a diet of imperial stouts, IPAs, and other such brews, you might want to look away.

This particular beer is a strange combination of lime-flavoured Radler and a hint of tequila. Oddly (or perhaps, expectedly?) it’s very sweet. It goes down amazingly easily – mostly because it tastes a little bit like soft drink – although it does have a bit of an alcohol kick to at least remind you you can get drunk off the stuff.

It does have slight notes of tequila on both the nose and (brace yourself for some tasting lingo) the palate. (See, wasn’t so painful was it? Not like I dropped terroir in there). So in that regard it lives up to its name.

Overall? You might drink one out of curiosity.


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