Everything you need to know about MoonDog beers can be summed up in these 29 words: “Funky, wild and tart. Some things don’t seem right but you want them anyway: that quasi-erotic feeling you get when Charlton Heston makes out with Zira the Chimp.”

Such is the introduction written on the label of MoonDog’s ‘Perverse Sexual Amalgam Black Wilde Ale with Cherry Plums’.

And in case you were wondering, the picture that accompanies those words is of a woman in a bikini with the head of a rooster. Go figure!

The beer in a nutshell? A dark ale aged in American-Oaked bourbon barrels with stewed cherry plums, and then bottle conditioned. However. It is oh so much more than that.

To start with, the beer looks like swamp water. It’s a black-grey-green, generally off-putting colour. But yet, you can’t help but bring the glass up to your nose for a whiff.

The smell? Well……

It’s different.

The taste? Starts off sour, followed by a kick of cherry, followed by your roasted dark ale notes, followed by…..welll, it’s hard to put your finger on. And it’s all topped off with a long, dry finish.

When drinking this completely bewildering brew, the 29 words posted above begin to take on a clearer meaning. This beer doesn’t make complete sense. But it’s not meant to. And that’s the brilliance of it.

In case you think this might be a one-off special some of the other beers available from these Abbotsford beer-makers are a ‘Skunkworks Cognac-Barrel-Aged Double IPA, a Pumpkin Ale, and a Barrel-Aged Smoked Stout.

Do yourself a favour.

Find them. Drink them. Be perplexed by them.


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