I’ve Got a Loverly Bunch of Coconuts

If I asked you to name the most Australian things you could think of, you’d probably come up with a list looking something like this:

Vegemite, AFL, kangaroos, Uluru, Crocodile Dundee, Anzac biscuits, The Castle, the Southern Cross, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and AC/DC.

Now if I asked you to imagine which one of those inspired a beer, I’d be hoping like crazy that you didn’t say vegemite. It’s bad enough as a spread, let alone as an alcoholic beverage.

And whilst AC/DC have recently been emblazoned on bottles of Warburn’s finest wines, they sadly have not dipped their toes into the beer market.

However, thanks to Burleigh Brewery, I chanced upon certainly one of the most bizarrely named beers I’ve come across: Fanny Gertrude’s Bickie Beer.

Basically, the boys from Queensland have gotten together, downed a few frothies and said to each other: “Why not make an Anzac flavoured beer?”

After all, those very biscuits got our Diggers through the First World War, and by george do we love our beer in Australia. Makes perfect sense really.

So the brewers have taken a brown ale, thrown in coconut, golden syrup and oats and vanilla, and hey presto, come out with an Anzac biscuit beer.

Now, before we go any further, you might be thinking to yourself, “Who is Fanny Gertrude?”

Well, turns out that she was the actual grandma of Peta Fielding, the CEO at Burleigh Brewing. And now, she gets recognition for having a legitimately brilliant name.

Now, onto the beer itself.

It pours a copper colour with minimal head, has strong aromas of vanilla, oats, coconut and dough – certainly living up to it’s inspiration- but unfortunately is let down by the taste. It’s a bit too sweet, a bit too oily – if that makes any sense – and a bit light-bodied.

However, for those people out there searching for a beer that looks, smells and tastes like an Anzac biscuit, they’ve done a fairly good job of satisfying you.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Loverly Bunch of Coconuts

  1. Problem is I drunk most of the ones I’ve written about so far quite a while back!

    I don’t want to put a score up going from memories that are months old…..

    I’ll get around to scoring beers one of these days!

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