Mango Madness

I saw this beer – Matso’s Mango Beer – a while ago in a Beer & Brewer magazine and had been trying to find it for some time.

After all, I love beer and I love mangoes. Putting the two of them together seems like it should work….


I’m normally quite reticent when it comes to buying fruit-based beers, because a lot of them can be overly sweet and taste like soft drink.

ProTip #4542: This is not what you want.

The Matso’s website – the brewery itself is in Broome for those interested – describes the beer as such: “Based on a classic Belgium Blonde recipe in the fruit variation. Using a 100% natural mango blend the brewers have developed an easy drinking beer style with excellent fruit aroma and balancing sweet dryness.”

Apparently, the beer was also a “2008 Equal Class Winner, Fruit Beer Draught, Small Brewery Section”. There you have it. Not just a fruit beer, but an award-winning fruit beer.

*Your honour, I rest my case*

The brew – quite unsurprisingly –  has a strong mango aroma to it, but not much else. Why let anything beery seep through?

Taste-wise, it starts off with a fairly typical blond-lager feel – although it’s very light in the mouth – with a decent hit of mango sweetness coming through and continuing in the aftertaste.

Like many fruit-beers it was quite sweet, and normally that’d be a problem. But, I do love mangoes, so I was willing to overlook it. I don’t think I could drink too many of them though.

Overall, an interesting concept and quite well-made. It also has a cool label. Big bonus points right there.


4 thoughts on “Mango Madness

  1. Combining two good things, beer and mangoes, peanut butter and jam, etc doesn’t always work but I do prefer a sweet beer (yes I’m living up to female stereotypes so shoot me) you should introduce me to some good beers for my birthday!

  2. I’ll take you one day after Uni to a good bottle shop and find you something special!

    And Paulie, defs go out and get it. Go out and get any number of beers that are odd and weird. It’s what this blog is all about!

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