Taiphoon Warning

When I first laid eyes on this beer it wasn’t just the label that said “Lemongrass Wheat Beer” that caught my eye. It was the fact that on closer inspection, the beer was from the UK.

Really? The UK? They pretty much specialise in creamy, room-temperature lagers, bitters and nutty brown ales. Surely the Germans control the whole wheat beer junket!?

Still, having thrown off that initial shock, I gave this curious brew a go. As luck would have it, a spicy noodle dish was on the menu for dinner and this beer pretty much seemed like it would suit. Logical Thought #23243 – Spicy Asian noodles often use lemongrass as an ingredient. Lemongrass is in the beer. Match made in heaven?

Moving on from this fantastical realisation, I poured the brew and to be honest the aroma wasn’t selling the concept overly well – with more than a passing hint of washing detergent on the nose. However it did redeem itself somewhat in the mouth. *that’s what she said*

Whilst being fairly light-bodied, it had that bit of coriander flavour to pick it up a bit and a good whack of lemongrass in the aftertaste to ensure it lived up to its name.

The UK invasion of wheat beers was brave, but ultimately not amazing. Still, kudos for trying yeah?

On a side note, the brewery responsible for this concoction (Hopback Brewery) markets a Christmas beer called the “Pickled Santa”.

Now that’s something I can get behind. Because, what better way to corrupt the youth of tomorrow by not only drinking a beer in front of them, but drinking a beer that hints at the vinegar-isation of a childhood legend.


3 thoughts on “Taiphoon Warning

  1. I’d love to see a rating with each beer you review! Which you could then turn into a ladder of best and worst beers!

    Might I suggest you use this rating system (it’s one I’ve used previously):

    0-15 points for appearance,
    0-15 points for aroma,
    0-35 points for flavour,
    0-35 points for drinkability.

    A total of 100 available points.

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