Estonian Adventure

When I mention Estonia, there’s often one of three responses:

1) Who? (Estonia!)
2) Where? (Eastern Europe!)
3) They play soccer yeah? (Yes! Just not very well…)

Nothing about them making beer there. Good or bad.

However, due to the owner of the Warragul Press Cellars having Estonian heritage, I was able to partake in an oddly-shaped bottle of Viru. I would’ve bought it purely on the fact it was Estonian – let’s face it, I do love buying beers from obscure countries – but the strangeness of the bottle added that extra bit of necessity to the purchase. It’s kind of a tall, slim, octagonal pyramid. Unlike anything I’ve ever held.

A two-week jaunt to Thailand meant the brew had a solid couple of weeks to chill in the fridge back home, and it was well and truly time to crack it open once I had returned. Now I have to admit, it’s nothing terribly exciting. I’m not a big lager fan due to their blandness, and this one wasn’t much different.

It’s clean and crisp enough, and goes down pretty easily (which is what you’re after with a lager), so to say it wasn’t overly amazing is an understatement. However, it’s a beer from freakin’ Estonia! Me finding it and being able to drink it is pretty much like an Estonian citizen finding and drinking a Carlton Draught. Hence I will allow the *shudder* lager to pass my lips.


3 thoughts on “Estonian Adventure

  1. I’d love to visit Estonia and grab a 2 litre bottle of Saku Presidendi 8/10.

    The 8-10% Pale Lager is described as the perfect thirst-quenching beer, best enjoyed after a hard day’s work.

    If Viru is like Carlton Draught, than surely this is like VB. 😛

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