The Spice Route

Hats off to the French-Canadians. I always had a slight suspicion they were different cats. The whole ‘we want to separate from the rest of Canada’ thing sums it up nicely. Also – rather hilariously – when they travel to a city like Paris the ‘normal’ French won’t speak to them in French because they still use words that died out in the 1800’s. Go figure.

Turns out Dieu du Ciel’s Route des Espices pretty much confirm their oddness. Entirely how they came about the idea to mix beer with peppercorns I have no clue. I figure the head brewers got plastered one night, someone knocked a bottle of pepper into the mix, and it got brewed by mistake. It also comes in a 341ml bottle. Turns out this is exactly 12 Imperial fluid ounces. Who knew? Guess the regular 330ml and 375ml bottles are far too mainstream for the crew from Dieu de Ciel.

Adding to the appeal is the gnarly label. One guy. Wearing a ruff (I’ve got a strong feeling the Tudor look is coming back). He’s rocking a strangely curled beard and has a trade ship on his head. Methinks this kind of art is beyond my limited comprehension. Taste wise, the first sip is interesting to say the least. A big hit of peppercorn (the beer is brewed with both black and green peppercorns) greets you on the way down, and I have to admit, I was wondering if finishing the bottle would be a struggle.

However, as you take the second sip, third sip, and so on, the peppery-ness of the beer begins to grow on you. Turns out taste-buds are remarkably good at adjusting to flavours! It’s not something you’d drink a lot of, but this particular brew does fall into the ‘thoroughly enjoyable’ category. Who knew?


2 thoughts on “The Spice Route

  1. Where can we find these beers? If the French Canadian beer is anything like the French beers, then I’m ready and willing to have a crack at this!

  2. I’ve got three places in the city that I hit up for my obscure beers.

    1) Chapel Street Cellars in Windsor (small-ish, but they serve beer at the place so that’s a bonus)

    2) Acland Street Cellars in St Kilda

    3) Purvis Beer in Richmond.

    I’ve seen this particular one at Acland Street and Purvis Beer (can’t remember about Chapel St)

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