Beer – like most products – is negatively impacted by age. With each week in the bottle, chemical changes are happening which affect the flavour of your favourite brew. There is a consensus amongst many that beer is – for lack of a better word – indestructible. Sure, it may have been thrown around, shaken-up, warmed-then-cooled-again, but its beer right? It will surely still taste … Continue reading Oxidizing


The ‘Cleanskin’

Robert Frost famously wrote: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less travelled by’. Today, those words resonated like never before. I believe, as a beer-drinker, that you need to challenge yourself, your taste buds, your will to imbibe different liquids. I don’t mean with hop-fuelled palate-killers either. Nor with absurdly strong dark ales that have that magical ability … Continue reading The ‘Cleanskin’


Art Attack!

The world of craft brewing is crowded. And growing. In Australia there are now well over 100 microbreweries, with more launched each month. Either in redesigned abandoned warehouse spaces or plying their trade ‘gypsy-brewing’ (renting equipment in established breweries), each addition to the brewing landscape makes it harder to stand out, harder to find a niche, and harder to compete for taps at pubs and … Continue reading Art Attack!



When you set out on a mission from God to drink beers and lay down righteous judgement on their candy asses, sometimes you’re faced with a terrible conundrum: Do I really want to submit my taste receptacles to this beer? Some short background information: I tend to stick to outrageously hop-driven beers. In fact, like many beer ‘snobs’ out there, if my tongue has any … Continue reading Lychees


Freshest of the Fresh

For those lucky enough to have travelled, there’s a general consensus: That wherever you go there will be new cities, people, customs, languages, and foods to experience, and a new appreciation and interpretation of personal space, patience, and hygiene. Fantastically, travelling also introduces you to a plethora of local alcoholic beverages. Sangria in Spain, Port in Portugal, Scotch Whiskey in Scotland, Guinness in Ireland, Schnapps … Continue reading Freshest of the Fresh


Hop Gnome

When you reflect on Belgian beers, certain thoughts spring to mind: Images of solemn, ancient monks in quaint, stone built monasteries flicker around in your imagination. You’d like to think they’re chanting sacred songs as they brew their strong, rich Trappist beers. We all know the types of breweries: Chimay, Orval, La Trappe, Westvleteren. There’s a reverence to their beers – with history that in … Continue reading Hop Gnome